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What You Need to Know:  Weather Wars is a gateway to the world of strategy card games.  It's simple enough for kids, but with enough complexity to keep adults coming back for more.

Box Contents:  90 game cards, 1 season change card, Official Rulebook

How to Buy It:

Right here!

$20.00 each

How to Play:  Each player is trying to recruit 100 power worth of animals in order to take control of the Guzunganator, a machine that can control the weather. Each turn, you play an animal card to recruit one wacky animal to your side. Stronger animals are better, but finding the right combination is key to capturing the Guzunganator. But watch out! If a player plays a Season Change, all your careful planning could be undone in an instant!

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Weather Wars Videos and Links:

Game Play Video: watch the creators play through a full game of Weather Wars

Game Preview by Tom Vassel of The Dice Tower

Click below to check out  the Weather Wars Kickstarter page.  The project successfully funded in April, 2013.

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